2prosinside Is Officially Part Of WeLapi

We are officially announcing that the 2Prosinside is part of Welapi on August 10, 2022, and from now on you’ll see the content from 2prosinside on Welapi. We are still focused on delivering the finest content related to gaming PCs, and gaming laptops but our trademark has just changed.

What is 2Prosinside

2prosinside is a top-rated reviews blog where we aim to deliver the best PC and PC components reviews to our visitors. Our main focus is to present something that is useful for a common person. Instead of launching a single product niche, we decided to target everything available out there in the market in a PC category.

Later on, it was decided to also target other categories like Monitors, Tablets, and solutions to issues related to computer hardware. Whereas, 2Prosinside was doing its best to deliver the best content to its readers.

The site was owned by a corporate company named fifematrix and is still part of the company as Welapi is also an asset of the mentioned company.


It was getting really tough for the 2prosinside team to handle the website alongside another project. That’s why the company decided to merge the website with the current one. Above is the screenshot of 2prosinside.

Some Blog posts that are moved to Welapi from 2prosinside:

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