Ryzen 9 7000 CPU Price Leaked: Ryzen 7000 Series Zen 4 CPU and X670 Motherboards release date was announced and confirmed by MSI and meanwhile AMD 7000 CPU prices have been leaked.

MSI confirmed the AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs and X670 Motherboards’ launch date is around the corner and announced on September 15th of this year. The dates were announced on a Twitter account, and MSI is confirming the launch.

Zen 4 CPUs were long-awaited for a long time now. This is big news for gamers who were waiting for this release. But the CPU is coming for a price that is not in favor of every gamer in terms of affordability. The promised performance would definitely bring 35% more power to your gaming PC compared to its predecessor.

AMD Ryzen 9 7000 CPU Price Leaked

Everything has a price in the modern world of computers, so as CPU Zen 4. VideoCards revealed the new box arrival and of course, more power would require an expensive price.

AMD’s internal presentation leaked with the information that the high-end model package would look different from the old models Ryzen 5000 series. The Ryzen 9 SKUs would cost you more than $500 as the prices leaked will start from $799 for high-end specs models.

The premium SKUs would feature a 4.5 GHz base clock and a 5.7 GHz boost clock with 170W TDP, 80MB (16+64) cache, and 16C cores with 32T threads. That specs count shows that this model is coming with super strong powerful performance.

It is quite obvious that only VideoCards could manage to uncover AMD’s newly designed packaging for the premium SKUs till now from an “international AMD conference”. However, so far as the prices are concerned, it is explained by VideoCards that the prices are not so different from the predecessor series that is Ryzen 5000, the high-end model would be the main difference. VideoCards could not provide the source for the information they shared, however, we can conclude from the uncovering that this could be the story we explained here.

Ryzen 9 7000 CPU Price Leaked
AMD Ryzen 9 7000 Series Box, Source: VideoCardz

VideoCards shared the package on its website and explained that this package will reach the retailers with the AMD Ryzen 9 7000 series CPU model that will release on 15th September 2022. However, X670 Motherboards’ are also confirmed by MSI to be released on the same date.

Rumored AMD Ryzen 7000 Specs And Price Comparison With 5000 Series

MSI Announced AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs and X670 Motherboards Launch

AMD Zen 4 CPUs and MSI X670 Motherboards’ launch date is also announced. As I mentioned the launch date is around the corner and the 15th of the upcoming month of this year. Like the power specs, I shared the price would compel passionate gamers to break a bank to get that model.


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