Here comes Welapi’s best gaming PC build for Warzone!

When every gamer believed the battle royale format is diminishing after the intro of VR gaming. Call Of Duty (COD) practically continued its most widespread series – Warzone. In the shooter’s setup, being shot dead cost extra life to continue gameplay was unbearable.

Thankfully Warzone genre of BR is being refreshed to make it one the most played, streamed, and watched games of the century. A remarkable increase in players’ count is the fortune of Warzone. Evaluating the unexpected trend of switching from console gaming to PC triggered the idea of putting together the best gaming PC build for call of duty Warzone.

This post Provides options to assemble a gaming PC with the best graphics card for Warzone with the combination of a powerful CPU, pondering options to find budget and advance benchmarks for a prebuilt PC.

“Practice makes perfect” this quote is valid for everything in practice. The same is the gaming fun with dedicated time and furnished skills. As far as PC is concerned, ensure a smooth Warzone gameplay experience by cutting out lags or glitchy graphics in the build plan.

Warzone PC Requirements

Preparing a Warzone PC for shooting battle considering the requirements are significant. Your knowledge would value the selection of hardware with tricks to find from old and advanced parts. Directing to the gaming PC build strategy for Warzone explained later in this post, you need to look at these components.

Warzone PC Requirements (Minimum And Recommended)

CPU: Intel-based Warzone PC would require Core i5-2500K and AMD-based PC Ryzen R5 1600X Processor is enough for a smooth run.
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 minimum requirements and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 recommended requirements for. Consider AMD Radeon R9 390 minimum requirements and AMD Radeon RX 580 recommended requirement for Warzone PC.
RAM: 12 GB is recommended
VRAM: 4GB is according required to get edge level gaming experience with addition to RAM.
DirectX: Version 12
HDD required Space: 175GB
Operating System: 64-bit Windows 10 is recommended.
Network: Stable Broadband Internet Connection is recommend for smooth gameplay.

Warzone optimized up to the mark where expecting to play Call of Duty without maximum recommended settings is hard to run smoothly. To push the frame rate beyond 144 FPS for smooth gameplay without compromise, our Warzone build stands alone for a thriving experience.

Best Gaming PC Build For Warzone

Putting together well priced performance-focused best PC for Warzone according to our wishes to ensure affordability for the maximum number of gaming enthusiasts may disappoint you to play any game in 4k graphics highest settings.

For the perfect balance of power and incredible results, it is essential to combine fast storage with a powerful CPU, balanced RAM capacity, and standard graphics card. This guide would be a helping hand in the Warzone PC build process. Also, we don’t discourage the prebuilt PC for Warzone for non-tech savvy with no build experience.

Best Prebuilt Gaming PC For Warzone

Our only recommendation would always be the same to you to build a gaming PC. However, some unskilled comfort zone occupants can go for prebuilt options, for instance, if they are not willing to spare time to invest in the PC build process. For such gamers, we could find a prebuilt PC for Warzone with the closest match to our custom build explored here. It increases the chances for everyone to jump into play Warzone on PC.

SkytechBlaze 3.0 Gaming PC Desktop

SkytechBlaze 3.0 Gaming PC Desktop

CPU: Intel Core i7 11700F
GPU: RTX 3060 Ti
RAM: 16G
Storage: 1TB NVME SSD


Read our in-depth guide on How Long It Takes To Build A Gaming PC

Best PC for Warzone (Build)

To ensure consistent 144+ FPS in 1080p resolution for graphics-aimed gamers this build won’t disappoint at any stage of the Warzone run. This Warzone PC build is an assembly of strong hardware components for the perfect balance of power and performance with long-lasting durability and upgrade options to value the price. For the flushing run of the game, a Tweak on the setup would work better. Frankly, this PC build won’t need to tweak your settings and can provide high frame rates to run Warzone.

Our Custom Gaming PC Build For Call Of Duty Warzone – (Intel-based)

Custom Gaming PC Build For Call Of Duty Warzone

CPU: Intel Core i7-11700F 2.5GHz
Motherboard: ASUS TUF Gaming Z590
RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB DDR4
GPU: MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 3060 Ti 8GB GDRR6
Storage: SABRENT 1TB Rocket NVMe SSD
PC Case: Phanteks Eclips P500A
PSU: EVGA 750 BQ Semi Modular


Putting the best of the price and power in one PC case with this build, we ensured to stand a desktop gaming tower with all the ingredients you need in one place. No disappointed leads in any stage of Warzone gameplay. Expect 144+ FPS consistency on a long list of the latest AAA games including Call of Duty Warzone. After this experience, you won’t desire to go for any other option. Our suggested prebuilt and build PC for Warzone would stay long on your desk to provide you with vast gaming entertainment.

Shall we start with exploring the components we will put together to build a gaming PC for Warzone? This PC build will not only provide an incredible experience on Call of Duty Warzone, but you would be able to stream and enjoy a long list of 4k steam games. Let us begin with the hardware parts here.

Intel Core i7-11700F 2.5GHz Rocket Lake

Intel Core i7-11700F

Brand: Intel Rocket Lake Series
CPU Speed: 2.5GHz
Core (Threads): 8 / 16
i7: 16 MB smart cache
Weight: 11.5 ounces
Dimensions: 4.72 x 1.57 x 3.94 inches


Here comes the 11th generation latest Intel Core i7-11700F processor to handle all the hardcore data of 4k games on your PC build for Warzone. For intel-based intensive graphics, it is the most popular and remarkable CPU to provide speed rendering. It features a 2.5 GHz speed with 8 core 16 threads. Not only that the 16MB smart cache is onboard to keep the performance balanced of your Warzone PC build.

ASUS TUF Z590 ATX Gaming Motherboard

ASUS TUF Gaming Z590 ATX Gaming Motherboard

Intended Build: Mid/Highe Build
Form Factor: ATX Gaming
Compatible: With 10th and 11th Gen Intel
Power Stages: 14 + 2
Chipset: IntelZ590
CPU Socket: LGA 1200
Memory Speed: 5333 MHz
Memory Storage: 128 GB


In Warzone PC build intel-based this particular component has value to determine the overall assembly of the hardware. Asus Tuf Z590 ATX gaming motherboard features Aura syn with addressable Gen 2 RGB header. Artificial intelligence (AI) two-way noise cancellation makes it quiet and efficient for gaming. It brings an NVMe SSD bay for fast storage and a USB type-c 3.2 front panel for reliable connectivity. A 2.5Gb LAN slot and thunderbolt 4 are onboard to make it significantly great for Warzone gaming.

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB DDR4

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB DDR4 ram

Brand: Corsair
Form Factor: DIMM
Computer Memory: 16GB
Memory Speed: 3600 MHz
Supports: Intel XMP 2.0
Dimensions: 5.44 x 0.3 x 2 inches
Number Of Pins: 288
Memory Type: DDR4 SDRAM


This 16 GB Ram kit is a powerpack with 3600 MHz memory speed on Warzone Intel-based PC. Now play games, stream videos, or watch Netflix with powerful enough DDR4 computer memory without any break. It increases efficiency and great value for the price with optimal performance and future-proofing features.

MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Graphics Card

MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Graphics Card

Brand: MSI
Graphics Coprocessor: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti
Video Output: DisplayPort, HDMI
Chipset: NVIDIA
Graphics RAM: GDDR6


MSI is not a name any gamer won’t know for gaming peripherals. This MSI GPU is Geforce RTX series 3060Ti. It comes with a Nividia chipset and GDDR6 graphics ram to increase the power of the graphics coprocessor. Looking at the video output interface, the induction of HDMI and DisplayPort is impressive for gaming performance and streaming.



Storage Capacity: 1TB
Compatible: With PCs, Laptops, and Consoles.
Series: Rocket 4.0
Brand: Sabrent
Connectivity Tech: NVMe M.2
Form Factor: 2280
Read Speed: 5000 MBs Per Second


Sabrent NVME SSD is bringing a 1TB large storage capacity for your Warzone PC build. Its compatibility is not limited to PC only, as it can be installed on laptops and the latest generation consoles. This SSD is loaded with features of 5000 MBs per second fast speed to render the data and digitally record it.

Phanteks Eclipse P500A PC Case

Phanteks Eclips P500A PC Case

Brand: Corsair
Form Factor: DIMM
Computer Memory: 16GB
Memory Speed: 3600 MHz
Design: Mesh with tempered glass
Capability: Dual system


Phanteks Eclipse P500A PC case is chosen for mesh design and airflow features module. Also, the larger space would allow the future upgrades to accommodate the hardware you want to add later to make your PC build for Warzone more powerful and efficient. It is an ATX mid-tower with digital-RGB lighting and 140mm D-RGB case fans.

EVGA 750 BQ Semi Modular Power Supply Unit

EVGA 750 BQ Semi Modular Power Supply Unit

Brand: EVGA
Connector type: 24-pin
Farm Factor: ATX
Output Wattage: 750 Watts
Cooling Method: Fan (Air)
Design: Semi Modular
Fan Size: 140 Mm


Finally, here comes the power source for your Warzone PC build, indeed the last installing component. It is an EVGA 750 BQ semi-modular power supply unit with a wattage of 120. The PSU is coming with a 24-pin connector and brings a 140mm fan to keep it cool for a smooth supply of power running.

For the best gaming PC build for Warzone around an AMD processor you need to consider AMD compatible processing unit and motherboard. Consider putting together the rest of the parts explained above. We explore them as well for your convenience to save your time. As you know, AMD-based builds are cheap compared to Intel-based builds. Simply Intel-base is the best budget gaming PC for warzone and the latter would come at less price.

Ryzen 5 5600X CPU For Warzone PC Build Around AMD

Ryzen 5 5600X CPU For Warzone PC build around AMD

Brand: AMD
CPU Model: Ryzen 5
CPU Socket: AM4
Speed: 4.6 GHz
Processor count: 6
Wattage: 65 watts
Dimensions: 1.57 x 1.57 x 0.24 inches


It is purely a matter of taste and might be some saving of the expense to bring the best gaming PC build for Warzone hardware parts. By adding this you would need to change the motherboard as well to make it an AMD-based PC. AMD Ryzen 5 brings 4.6 GHz processing speed at its maximum level. It will save you around $140 in comparison with an intel CPU.

ASUS AM4 TUF Gaming X570 Motherboard For Warzone PC Build Around AMD

ASUS AM4 TUF gaming X570 Motherboard for AMD PC build

Brand: Asus
CPU Socket: Am4
Compatible processor: AMD 3rd Generation Ryzen
Chipset type: AMD 570X
Memory Speed: 4400 MHz
Storage Memory: 128 GB
RAM Memory: DIMM


In addition to AMD Ryzen CPU, you will need this component as well to turn the foundation of the PC build for Warzone. Asus AM4 TUF gaming X570 motherboard is a full fledge powerhouse to accommodate your hardware parts. It is compatible with various generation AMD processors. The features are not limited to 4400MHz memory speed only. As its’ 128 GB, memory storage capacity is competing with the Intel process picked for the same PC build.

Cheapest Gaming PC For Warzone (Will Budget PC Work?)

The purpose of this post is to put together to ensure the perfect balance of power and cost. Custom PC build gaming PC for Warzone could be a great choice. Not only pricing compared to what PC is best for Warzone (prebuilt). The high-end best gaming PC build for Warzone could get you outstanding performance.

For sure, narrow down the price list for the chosen hardware parts. It is up to your convenience to play Warzone on low settings without enduring 144+ FPS delivery. Compromise on graphics quality, obviously save some expenses on hardware parts like choosing low capacity graphics, SSD, Ram, and CPU. A budget gaming PC would run Warzone on low settings but expecting to play other games would be hilarious.

We won’t recommend picking lower components to experience the 1080p and 60Hz refresh rates on advanced gaming monitors. It would lead you to get an entry-level PC that won’t have the capacity to run other 4k games. A cheap Warzone build would be a great regret later when your skills become advanced.

Best CPU For Warzone

Warzone is one of those games that require a strong CPU to play smoothly. It is not the case that a lower CPU cannot handle when you are looking for budget options. However, it is highly recommended to choose the best CPU for Warzone that could handle the processing according to the playing pace. If you are unable to afford an Intel CPU, do consider it the end of your gaming.

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X is the budget option to experience Warzone on your PC. It is the latest release of AMD with single-core performance and multithreaded features. Ryzen 5 5600x is the most affordable one on the line of budget options. It has the capability of providing 144 FPS delivery of gaming ever on lower settings.

Best Graphics Card (GPU) For Warzone

The best gaming PC build for warzone could become a stand-alone battleground only because of the advanced hardware assembly. The Graphics card is to be the best-selected one as its dedication to games cannot be ignored. Nvidia RTX 3080 would be the top-of-the-line selection to get a 1440p resolution with a 144Hz refresh rate.

Though RTX 3080 is the best graphics card price may hurt your pocket if you desire to add it to the package. However, the world doesn’t end here as RTX 3060Ti is there to offer affordability on games like Warzone. In the same series, GPU RTX 3070 is a strong competitor in the provision of balanced FPS delivery.

Peripherals For Warzone PC Build

Without adding OS and other peripherals your PC built for warzone won’t run it with The CPU unit only. Though this will increase the total expense they are essential to complete the package. However, you can choose as per your taste and budget.

ASUS TUF 4K 144HZ Gaming Monitor

ASUS TUF Gaming 28-Inch 4K 144HZ Gaming Monitor

Brand: Asus
Size: 28-inch
Panel: IPS 4k
Refresh rate: 144Hz


Logitech G915 Lightspeed Keyboard

Logitech G915 Lightspeed Keyboard

Brand: Logitech
Connectivity: Wireless
Recommendation: Gaming
Features: Bluetooth, Lighting


Razer Viper Ultimate Gaming Mouse

Razer Viper Ultimate Gaming Mouse

Brand: Razer
Connectivity: Wireless
Series: Viper Ultimate
Recommendation: Gaming


SteelSeries Arctis 7+ Wireless Gaming Headset

SteelSeries Arctis 7+ Wireless Gaming Headset

Brand: SteelSeries
Placement: On-ear
Color: Black
Connectivity: Wireless


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Closing Thoughts

That’s it, the best gaming PC build for warzone guide wraps here. It took a long time to redefine the build and prebuilt option for Warzone. That being said hard work pays off. If you desire to build a gaming PC for Warzone this guide would be the ultimate solution for the entire process. Consistent FPS delivery is the key to enjoying the smooth run of any game, as is the Warzone as well. I hope you will try this guide to help you build your Warzone PC.


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