I won’t say building a gaming pc on your own is hard anymore. Why? This guide on how to build a gaming PC would pave your way to construct one step by step from scratches. From the selection of your budget and required components, you will learn how to build your dream gaming PC to smash the graphics-intensive games of the latest AAA titles.

It’s ideal to own a gaming PC that could run all the latest high-end graphics games. Yet, it’s not hard to build one to experience the next level of gameplay. However, it relies on your decision to build a gaming PC or pick from prebuilds. Prebuild or custom could be a bit confusing if you don’t know what to do. Make clarity on the concept first to get to a clear point of decision because it’s not a simple answer to understand. Let me explain it to you!

If you are not technical enough to build a gaming PC, prebuilds step in at this point. I would never discourage you by saying prebuilds won’t handle the games of your favorite list. For sure, they would, but, the chances could be measured by rating the durability of the prebuilt gaming rig you picked. Being in games for so long I won’t recommend going for chances. Though the money and time you save have it’s worth considering. But, if you invest in a PC and it couldn’t smash all the AAA titles in high-end settings, it would be a waste of resources with regrets.

On the other hand, deciding to build a gaming PC could be the most honorable decision in the gaming world. Why? The hardware component you assemble would be your choice with the best consideration of your budget and demands. Well, I am covering the main intent “how to build a gaming PC” on your own.

Tip To Avoid Hassle: Somehow at any expense you can’t spare time to build one. You can make a selection of the “Prebuilt gaming PCs” and “Prebuilt Budget Gaming PCs” to save your time and aggravation.

What I Will Discuss To Help You In Building A Gaming PC:

  • Budget decision to build entry-level, medium-level, and higher-level rigs.
  • Selection of hardware components as per your budget and performance expectations
  • How essential are the PC components selection for gaming
  • Step-by-step process to build gaming PC with tools required.

Things To Consider Before Building A Gaming PC

Though it is imaginary to have a gaming rig that would run every high-end game, it’s not challenging. I will cover the tricky parts to avoid intricacies. Shall we discuss the things you should consider before going into the gaming PC build process?

Decide Your Build Based On Your Budget

Do you have any idea what could be the average cost to build a gaming PC? Beyond fantasy, you should decide on a set budget plan to build your ideal gaming PC. This is your budget plan that would decide the power and performance of your rig. However, the prices start from $500 and go beyond $1000. An increase in prices would leverage to expect on performance.

You should know that the budget limits shared here are only for the CPU units, other components like the mouse, keyboard, and monitor should be purchased separately.

Entry-Level Gaming PC Build

If you don’t want to go beyond playing eSports games, an entry-level gaming PC is good enough to do that. You can build this one on a budget of $400-$500. Remember this, don’t expect it would run the latest games like Far cry, God Of War, and Cyberpunk 2077. Normal gaming is what would perform well. Yes, low settings could run the old titles smoothly on this level of the gaming PC build. How to build a gaming pc cheap in price and better in performance. We will discuss this later.

Only two major component CPU and graphics card upgrades could do better on some of the mid-range graphics games. But the point is if you could manage to push the budget to $600. Building this range of gaming rigs could compete with console gaming at some ranks. However, instead of building entry-level, you should go for mid-level. You can also find a prebuilt gaming PC under the $500 range that can run the same titles you are expecting from this level PC.

Mid-Range Gaming PC Build

Pushing the budget limits to $600-$800 could make it possible to build a gaming PC of mid-level. It could get you 1080p gaming without any distractions in your gaming sessions. You can experience VR Gaming on a mid-level gaming PC build. I am happy to share that this gaming PC could get 140+ FPS frames delivery.

Moreover, to get a multi-threading feature on an $800 build gaming PC you should pick an AMD processor. Prebuilt gaming PCs in the same range could get you the same experience but with some of the disadvantages of heating up and FPS delivery. Some parts might not come up to the mark to achieve the experience you can get from a gaming PC build. However, playing most of the games with various setting options is reliable.

High-End Gaming PC Build

Here comes the beast level of gaming PC build option with you. This PC could cost you more than $1000 as the hardware component would be picked up to the standard of the high-en mark. Mainly motherboard, processor, and graphics card are the most essential components. Believe that the most powerful parts could stand alone. RAM capacity should not be considered to be compromised while building a high-level gaming PC.

The more power you add the more powerful it will be. A simple formula for selecting powerful hardware components could make it possible to stand a gaming rig that would handle the latest high-end games delivery. No doubt the cheapest gaming PCs could do other things besides entry-level gaming. The same is the story of mid-level, but beyond the limits when it goes, you should consider your budget more than the $1000 mark. Here is a guide on best gaming PC build under $1500 to go beyond $1000 range.

How Much You Should Spend On A Gaming PC?

Spending more means getting a more powerful gaming rig. But I know it is hard to leave the cash counter after emptying your pocket for a gaming PC that could lose value after some time. Why after some time? Because with every new coming day technology evolution is bringing something new in an upgraded form. And also the games of the day are changing according to the hardware upgrades.

We would strongly recommend starting from $1000-$1500 budget could get you a gaming rig that could beat 4k gaming at its best. You will get future proofing assurance to upgrade later with the new release of components. Spending more could be a silly idea if you just stepped into the gaming arena. This quotation “Slow and steady wins the race” would be the perfect match. Start with a low budget and slowly continue your build process to experience a whole new level of gaming.

Is It Worth Building A PC For Gaming? (Build VS Prebuilt)

Making a frame of comparison could be a great idea to know the worth of building a PC for gaming vs choosing a prebuilt one. I am sure the budget you want to invest in building and gaming PC is now pretty clear. The next thing that comes is the time you spend selecting the component and assembling them. I think this discussion of advantages and disadvantages would bring clarity to what should you opt-in.


Choosing a prebuild gaming PC is straight away a plug-and-play option. Here you simply have some brands and specs in mind to choose from. And pay for the demanded price and bring it to your gaming room at your earliest.

The first thing you missed on this gaming rig might be accommodation for future upgrades. Future-proofing is essential in the case of gaming pcs. If you cannot upgrade to your desired level, you simply wasted your hard-earned cash. But, if you have a little bit of awareness for upgrades you would look for possibilities that could make your PC upgraded.

There are reasons for choosing prebuilt gaming rigs. One of the most important reasons could be your expertise in tech products are next to zero. You were unable to build a gaming PC and you straight away went for prebuilt options. I agree that Being a layman if you gathered all the PC parts but building it is a challenge then prebuilt is easy as spoon feeding. You know your expert level in building a gaming PC or selecting one from the prebuilt family.

Gaming PC Build

On the other hand, gaming PC build would require time and expert-level skills. Achieving a goal is always encouraging and motivational for most of us. Though building a gaming PC is not challenging as some of your tech expertise could reach you there. But, some of the technical parts like tieing cables, and installing the appropriate component on its premanufactured slots could require small efforts to learn. As I said it’s not hard at any level.

A gaming PC built by self-efforts is what you have championed now. You are well aware of the selection of hardware for your gaming arsenal to play games. From the chassis, you selected to every small component you know the level and power it can deliver on your latest gaming list. Custom Gaming PC build is always over recommendation in comparison with prebuild’s family. As it would bring more options for upgrades and save you money for other gaming stuff.

Is A Gaming PC Hard To Build?

It may sound daunting to build a gaming PC from scratch. But, if you are tech-savvy like me it would sound entertaining. Why? Because with committed intention and little hard work you can learn to build a gaming computer. And the answer would be a big “NO” it’s not hard.

Though it could be intimidating to break the circle of your comfort zone. You should only care about how could you enhance your skills to build a gaming PC. To initiate building you should test your ability to complete the task. At this point, after executing the process you would say that building a gaming PC is an easy task to do. Hiring a professional tech expert is also an option in case you are unable to assemble it yourself.

Read our in-depth guide on How Long It Takes To Build PC

Prep: PC Build Tools

Without the significant tools, you won’t be able to complete the process of building a gaming rig. If you already have these listed tools you are all set to start the process of building. If you don’t have them, you should arrange them before initiating to proceed.

  • Work Desk
  • Screwdriver of any quality brand.
  • Cable ties To connect cables
  • Antistatic Gloves.
  • Paper towel.
  • Isopropyl alcohol.
  • Thermal paste.

Work Space

Picking up the right tools is an important part to start the gaming PC build procedure. The top priority is your working desk where you would assemble all the parts to build a tower. To maintain your focus it should be better a lonely place to choose the setup. Besides a reasonable workstation, you should make sure of proper lighting arrangement.

Screwdriver of any quality brand

We would recommend a Philips screwdriver with proper decoders to fit every screw appropriately. This tool would be required till the end of the build procedure. Different sizes with molding features of screwdrivers are recommended to keep on the work desk.

Antistatic Gloves

The human body itself is a complicated machine, it produces electrostatic charges, You should know that sensitive parts could be damaged because of these charges’ release. To keep things safe and sound till the end you need to wear antistatic gloves your protection also avoids any parts damage.

Thermal paste

In this whole gaming PC build procedure, the thermal paste could be the most technical one. When it comes to CPU installation on the motherboard and its connection with fans for cooling regulations thermal paste is required to apply. This may be needed when you planned to add a liquid cooling system to your gaming PC build.

What Do You Need To Build A Gaming PC

Without components how would you be able to build a PC? So, it’s pretty clear that after you arrange the parts you can build a PC. Before choosing parts you should keep in mind the compatibility of the components to accommodate each other smoothly.

And the foundation stone in the components is a motherboard. RAM, CPU, and GPU are secondary parts to choose from with a sense of compatibility. At the very beginning of the plan to build a PC, you should consider the components to select. This would be technical and tricky to understand the composition of each part and its effects on other components. But with proceeding forward you will learn these aspects.

After the following list of the gaming PC build component, I will elaborate on their make for more clarity on each hardware part separately.

The Best Gaming PC Build Parts List

1. Motherboard (MOBO)
2. Processor (CPU)
3. Graphic Card (GPU)
4. Memory (RAM)
5. Storage (SSD or HDD)
6. Power Supply Unit (PSU)
7. PC Case

Understanding The Hardware Components

PC Case: Nothing is less important in the above listed component. Everything has its worth. PC case will accommodate all the components you brought. All of them were made a home of the case to assemble for giving you a robust gaming experience.

Motherboard: After installation of the motherboard or some call it mainboard, you would be able to install the other components. So, that means the motherboard is the main component to make all the components function together.

CPU: “Central Processing Unit” or the processor is brain of any computer. After installation of the mainboard, you would need to install the CPU. As the word processor explains everything; all the data would process through this part of the computer to get your final display.

Graphics Card: To bring you the most wonderful gaming experience on your monitor screen graphics card Or GPU or Video card would play a vital role.

Memory: RAM is the internal memory that keeps the data for rendering temporarily and without this component, you won’t see anything on the screen.

Storage: Hard drive (HDD) or Solid state drive (SSD) is used for storage purposes to keep your data files stored on your PC for later use. They come in different capacities with multiple options.

PSU:Of course, without power how could you run your gaming rig? The power supply unit would light up your gaming PC build with power to run anything on it.

Finally, Let’s Build A Gaming PC

I go through the process step-wise to show you how to install the component on the PC case you’ve chosen to build a gaming PC.

Recommended Video To Build A Gaming PC

[Video credits: Austin Evans YouTube]
Step 1: Put on the antistatic gloves/bracelet to start with the pick up of the PC case and clean it with help of a soft cloth if there is any dust on it. Now pick the motherboard and put it on the bay already designed for the installation of mainboards. With the help of a screwdriver tie it with the case and make sure it is properly installed.


motherboard to build a gaming PCAs I already explained the importance of the motherboard in understanding the components section. Here we will explain what would make the best compatibility flow with other parts of the PC build. Why? Because all other components like processor, RAM, Graphics card, and storage drive would install on this component alongside the power supply and cooling system. Motherboards coming nowadays vary in terms of prices and brand.

Here comes the tricky part picking the right one on the budget and compatible with other components you are going to install in this gaming PC. Mainly two kinds are popular, one is intel based and the other one comes with AMD compatibility features. For a Gaming PC build ranging in terms of budget from $800-$1000 you can pick ASRock H410M and H410M MOBO an intel-based motherboard.

Choosing an intel-based motherboard means your PC build is not compatible with an AMD processor. If you want to go beyond the $1000 mark to build a high-end gaming PC we would suggest you choose MSI PRO Z690-A for intel party of components and GAMING X570-PLUS for AMD high-end build.

Step 2: Now install the processor on the motherboard with the help your screwdriver. You will find an AM4 bay on the AMD mainboard for compatible CPU to install and intel ports for intel-based CPU installation.


Intel-Core-i5-11400F to Build a gaming PCIntel or AMD? Only two options you have in the selection of CPUs.

Again budget oriented CPUs are available and the performance could be measured by looking at the price range. To build a gaming PC reaching the $1000 mark intel Core i5-11400F is recommended. The journey to test performance won’t end here as you can go beyond this with increasing cost in Intel-based build PC.

On the other hand, the AMD-based PC build brings relatively other CPUs like AMD’s Ryzen 7 5700G for a mid-range gaming rig, and AMD’s Ryzen Ryzen 5 3600 could be the best choice for budget gaming PCs.

Step 3: Now find the RAM installation slot to install a RAM to your gaming PC. You will see the premanufactured bay on the motherboard is coming with moving clips on both sides. Push them down and put the RAM into the bay and clip them up to lock the RAM.


ram for building a gaming PCOn the RAM selection we would strongly suggest to get the TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB RAM for your gaming PC build. It is the most popular one in the gaming world and almost every gamer’s choice. A 16GB memory RAM would be enough to build a budget gaming PC ranging from the $600-$800 mark. And if your want to build one reaching $1000, I would recommend getting 32GB of RAM. It is the RAM capacity to increase and the price will vary accordingly.

If you want 1440P resolutions on the gameplay 32GB would be a great choice to pick. But if you are going to build a high-end gaming rig with a price range exceeding the $1000 mark, you would require to increase the capacity of the RAM accordingly.

Step 4: After installation of RAM now it turns to load up the storage on the motherboard. You will find an installation bay for the storage component on the chassis. Properly install it and plug the cables in their appropriate place.


storage for building gaming PCStorage capacity is your choice of selection according to gaming requirements. If you want to keep large data files associated with the games you play on the system you should go for large capacity drives that could get you more space allocation.

Nowadays normal storage components start from 256GB and go beyond 1TB to 2TB. If you want to keep all the gaming files, associated media files, movies for your entertainment, and songs to beat the heat while gaming. I would suggest you pick a 1TB to 2TB storage drive to meet your demands. You would be aware of types of storage where HDD and SSD are two different types. To ensure speed and performance I would always recommend picking an SSD storage drive. No doubt both of the types come with their pattern of pros and cons. But, when it comes to performance, SSD would always win the trophy unless some new tech is introduced.

Step 5:Now proceed with the installation of the remaining components like the Graphics card, PSU, and Cooling system if you want to add them to your PC build.

Graphics Card

graphics-card for building gaming PCGraphics cards are genuinely designed for gaming purpose only. Without a graphics card, you cannot expect to play any game of the latest titles. GPUs like RTX 3070, and RTX 3080 are the peak of the graphics to let you enjoy gameplay on the higher settings of FPS. However if you are choosing it for a mid-range gaming PC build, Radeon RX 6600 XT would be a great choice to get you games in 4k resolutions.

Though choices vary and tastes are different. However, graphics cards are the only components that should be considered to pick the best one for the experience of high-end gaming graphics. Starting from the nominal range you can upgrade later with time. I would suggest picking XFX RX 6500 XT as the bottom-level low-range PC that could get you 1080p gaming.

Power Supply

power-supply for the gaming pc buildI don;t think I should waste you time in explaining PSU or power supply unit in a gaming PC. Without energy everything is dead, the power supply adds power to run the programs. It is a power source to produce electricity for the component to run smoothly inside the computer system. They offer EVGA BQ 80+ Bronze 500W with cable connectivity options to supply electric current. By searching you will also find EVGA 650W PSU. Both kinds of power supplies are normally installed on all 1080p featuring Gaming PCs.

PC Case

pc case for gaming pc buildPC case is where everything would accommodate. Choices vary and it depends on your taste as you can find different designs on the market. Without a PC Case, you cannot imagine all the components together under one shelter. It provides shelter to the component you assembled in the whole process to build a gaming PC. Keeping protected your component we would suggest picking Zalman S2 as compared to the fancier Bears b-Voguish. The latter one comes with fancy Tempered Glass ATX and lighting, giving an extra charm to your gaming fun.

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It’s A Wrap

That’s it, finally, you build your dream gaming rig. I am pretty sure now you know how to build a gaming PC with the help of some tools and knowledge. And you would now agree with my statement at the very beginning of this guide when I said it’s not hard to build a gaming PC. After assembling all the components thoroughly check all the cables for proper connections and the parts for appropriate installation and give it a test. Plug it and install a Windows system “Welapi suggests the latest OS installation”. Now install any of the games as per the level or range you opted to build with the help of this guide.

Was it helpful? Let us know by giving your feedback on this guide in the comments section below!


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