Let me know if the following sounds familiar.

You have recently managed to get your hands on your first set of expensive, premium-quality Bluetooth headphones for your gaming laptop. Understandably, you have already connected them to your smartphone and started enjoying its minimum portability with no wires.

But think for a while.

What if, God- forbid, your phone banged and out of juice? Now, as fun as watching your favorite Netflix show from your laptop speakers or playing games, it’s a big NO-NO for those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to have a place of our own.

And this is where you learn how to connect your Bluetooth headset with your laptop to get rid of the situation.

But before the non-tech-savvy ones of you start fretting, let me stop you right there. Trust me, connecting your Bluetooth headphones to your PC is, fortunately, incredibly simple.

Best of all, there won’t be any hassle of wires running from your head to your laptop. What’s more, you might not find the need to press pause when going over to the next room.

So please sit back, relax and allow us to take you through the reasonably easy journey of connecting your Bluetooth headphones to your computer step-by-step.

NOTE: If you face any frustrating Bluetooth connectivity problems and think of switching back to the wired version, I hear you. You don’t have to let your lesser computer skills rob you of the joy of a wireless headphones experience just yet. Please stick with us right till the end when we send help troubleshooting your Bluetooth connectivity glitches.

Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones On Your Laptop?

Yes, you can, the Bluetooth-supported laptops could be a great fix in such cases

Be it a pair of headphones, wireless keyboard, portable speaker, printer, or a mouse; you can hook up all sorts of Bluetooth devices with your computer.

While most PCs already come with a built-in Bluetooth, you can insert a USB Bluetooth adapter into the USB port on your computer if it doesn’t.

BUT; Before You Begin, Pay Heed To The Following;

Make sure that your PC has Bluetooth in the first place- Wouldn’t you find it super embarrassing to go to all the trouble of buying that nice, new pair of headphones and find out that your PC can’t even support them? Yeah, I thought so.

So before you do anything crazy- like spending all your savings on an expensive set of Bluetooth headphones, make sure that they will at least work on your computer.

And here’s what you need to do.

Open the Start Menu and type in ”Bluetooth”. If you got the option like ”Bluetooth and Other Devices”, your luck is supporting you. Your computer has Bluetooth.

Otherwise, you will need to get a USB Bluetooth transmitter. Windows laptops and desktop owners don’t have to worry about not having built-in Bluetooth. That is unless they have bought their computers eons ago.

1. Ensure that the audio level on your computer is optimum- Having the volume level set at too low or on mute can be a tad confusing, primarily if you have successfully managed to connect your Bluetooth headphones to your computer but don’t hear any sound through it.

2. Keep in mind that you should place your headphone at a minimum of three feet from your Computer- The strength of your Bluetooth headphones connecting with your computer is entirely dependent on the distance between the two. The higher the space, the weaker the Bluetooth connection will be, and it won’t be easy to pair them.

3. Both your Computer and Bluetooth headphones should be fully charged- Well, No, you don’t have to set both devices fully. But you need to make sure that there is enough battery on both, so they don’t suddenly shut down on you while pairing.

How Do I Connect Bluetooth Headphones To My Laptop?

Coming to the not-so-fun part that you’ve all been patiently waiting for; How Can You Connect Your Bluetooth Headphones To Your PC?

Admittedly, this isn’t going to be that fun, especially if your computer skills are nil. But the upside is that our easy step-by-step guide will help set up your Bluetooth connection in an instant.

All you have to do is follow a few simple guidelines on your WINDOWS or MAC laptop, and you can continue enjoying your music at full blast without disturbing your roommates. Starting with your Windows Computer;

1-) How to connect Bluetooth headphones to laptop Window 10?

a. First off, turn off any Bluetooth devices that you might have previously connected with your headphones.

b. Move to the Windows Bluetooth menu by either 1) Right-clicking on the Bluetooth toggle and clicking ‘’Go To Settings OR 2) Search for ‘’Bluetooth’’ in the Start menu. On the off chance that your Bluetooth toggle is off, ensure to turn it on.

c. Next, make sure that your headphones are in a discoverable mode. To be discoverable, you need to set the device into a pairing mode. Considering that setting the headphones in a pairing mode is different across devices, you should consult the device manual for more information.

d. Now click on the ‘’Add Bluetooth and Other Devices’’ and Select ‘’Bluetooth’’. This will automatically scan the nearby devices that are in a pairing mode.

e. Wait for your headphones to show up on the screen and click on ”Connect”. Depending on the type of headphones you are arousing, it might ask for a passcode. You can consult your device manual for the passcode. Or, you could try ‘0000’, which is the usual default passcode. And just like that, you are done!

2-) How to connect your Bluetooth headphones to a laptop Windows 8?

For Windows 8.1, the process is slightly different but relatively more straightforward.

a. First off, make sure that you have turned off any Bluetooth devices you might have previously connected with your headphones.

b. Next, put your headphones in pairing mode.

c. Type ‘’Bluetooth’ in the Start menu field.

d. Head over to the Bluetooth Settings menu

e. Now select the headphones that you want to connect to the computer.

3-) How to connect your Bluetooth headphones to Mac?

a. Starting, turn off any Bluetooth devices that you might have previously connected with your headphones.

b. Open the Apple menu, which is the Apple-shaped icon in the far-left corner of your screen.

c. Now click ‘’System Preferences’’ from the drop-down menu that has opened on the screen before you.

d. Next, click ‘’Bluetooth’’ and make sure that it is on by clicking on the option below that says ‘’Turn Bluetooth on’’.

e. Activate the pairing mode on your headphones by pressing and holding the power button on the device. You can check the instruction manual to find out more.

f. Lastly, look for your headphone’s name on the screen and click ‘’Connect’’.

Assuming that it all goes well, your Bluetooth headphones should now be successfully connected to your computer. Yes, that’s how simple it is. And the GOOD NEWS? After you pair your headphones with your computer once, you don’t have to repeat the process each time. Turn on the headphone close to your computer again, and it will connect automatically.

Why Won’t My Headphones Connect To My laptop?

Are your Bluetooth headphones still not connecting to your computer? Already thinking of exchanging your headphones for a new pair? Take a deep breath and check out the following tips and tricks to troubleshoot your Bluetooth connectivity glitches.

First things first, try connecting your Bluetooth headphone to different devices- Phones, Tablets- and check if they work. If the headphones work perfectly, it’s safe to assume that the problem lies with your computer. On the other hand; If they still don’t work, the issue lies within your headphones. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

For Bluetooth Headphones Problems

Bear in mind that if either of the below isn’t the issue with your headphones, you will need to contact the manufacturer for the warranty. Otherwise, you might need to take your headphones to a professional. With Bluetooth headphones not working, the two primary issues that could be the cause are;

1) BATTERY LEVEL IS LOW– If you want your headphones to work without a glitch, ensure that the battery is sufficiently charged. Take time to recharge your headphones fully, or go ahead and replace them if you have spares.

2) HEADPHONES Need To Be RESET- Making changes to your headphones, such as installing updates, can affect the device’s ability to connect successfully. And in such cases, resetting your Bluetooth headphones might be all it needs to function optimally. You can consult the manual guide on how to accurate reset your headphones.

For Computer Issues

Often, the reason why your Bluetooth headphones aren’t connecting is an issue with the computer. Considering that a Computer is a complicated device with uncountable hardware and software operating simultaneously, the problem could occur in several areas. Here are a few simple things you can do to solve the problem;

1) Forget and Reconnect Your Bluetooth Headphones
2) Make sure that your computer natively supports Bluetooth
3) Disable and Enable the Bluetooth mode on your computer
4) Update your Bluetooth device driver

Issues With Connected Headphones

My Headphones Have Connected To My Computer, But The Audio Is Coming From The Speakers Instead Of The Headphones- What Should I Do?

For Windows Computer- Go to Start and type ‘’Manage Audio Devices’’. You will be directed to the Windows app that allows you to choose what audio device you prefer to use. Make sure that you select Bluetooth as the audio source.

For Mac- After you are done pairing and connecting Bluetooth headphones to your Macbook, you will need to choose to ”Use As Audio Device manually.”

My Headphones Have Connected To My Computer, But The Audio Quality Is Terrible- What Should I Do?

For me, there is nothing more irritating than having successfully connected the Bluetooth headphones to my laptop, but only to find out that the audio output is awful. How about you? I think we can all unanimously agree that this can get incredibly frustrating.

So What Can You Do About It?– There are two methods you can employ to fix this issue;

1-) Select the high-quality audio option on your Computer- Start by right-clicking the speaker icon on the right taskbar and selecting ”Sounds” and Selecting ”Headphones Stereo” as the default device.

2-) Turn off all other things that might be using Bluetooth- If there are multiple Bluetooth devices connected to your computer, it could result in poor bandwidth and, hence, poor audio quality. All you need to do is disconnect all other Bluetooth devices and check if the sound quality improves.

Feel free also to check out our other guides and reviews. Best of luck!

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Final Words

Fortunately, you can connect your Bluetooth headphones to multiple devices, including your laptop. But bear in mind that depending on the headphone model you are using, you might only be able to pair it with one device at a time.

Hopefully, our guide will help you enjoy quality audio via a glitch-free Bluetooth connection, whether you are using your laptop for remorse work, to talk to a loved one, or to listen to some music.

Just remember to protect yourself from any permanent hearing loss while doing so. Safety first, right? So What Are You Waiting For?

Get to work, connect your Bluetooth headphones to your laptop, and enjoy.


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