Planning to get a new laptop and have a question in your mind how do I choose a good laptop? Well, I have got you covered because I am about to guide you through choosing one of the decent laptops out there on the market.

Running in a maze might be easier than finding a good laptop that will fulfill all the specs you need within your budget range. Search online for a laptop and you’ll find several brands providing thousands of laptops and every one of them claiming that they are the best. From budget ones to high-end laptops; they all appear competent when you look at them online.

Full understanding of the ever-changing number of product specs is a complex job. Laptops vary markedly in terms of Processor performance, display, size, disc space, and RAM, among many other features. Even if you understand fully what you want and what all the things mean, finding one that suits you best in all aspects might be challenging.

How Do I Choose A Good Laptop?

The question that brought you here today “how do I choose a good laptop?” has no simple one-line answer. But, there are some tips and guidelines to help you. Stay with me till the end.

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Choose The Suitable Operating System

Once you start exploring laptops, you need to choose which operating system (OS) is ideal for you. Considering what programs you will have to use and which OS those program works on will let you decide what hardware you want.

Windows: If you use Microsoft applications such as MS Office, or Outlook, choosing Windows OS is a perfect idea. There are also more Windows laptops available than any other operating system.

MacOS: Although Apple’s macOS is much more user-friendly than Windows according to most users, it is strongly connected with the brand’s hardware. If you don’t have an Apple device then you need to try to avoid a Mac since there will be compatibility issues with other devices.

Chrome OS: If you can accomplish the majority of your laptop duties in a chrome browser, Chrome OS is a decent option. Chrome notebooks are among the least expensive options available, thus the OS is worth considering if you’re on a limited budget.

Linux: If you don’t mind not having Microsoft Office, you can set up Linux on almost any computer hardware ever produced. The drawback is that some important software such as Microsoft Office and Adobe’s Creative Suite will not work.

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Choose The Right Size

Considering how you want to use your new notebook and what screen ratio you personally prefer, you’ll like to be confident you get the perfect fit for you. Size, unlike RAM or touchscreen, cannot be upgraded afterward. You are going to be stuck with the item you chose at the beginning, so pick well.

If you are going to travel a lot with your laptop in hand, try to pick a smaller one unless you’re comfortable with handling a huge laptop. In the end, it all comes to personal choice. The sizes may vary between 11 and 17 inches while the most common ones are 13 and 15 inches.

Take note that smaller 13-inch devices may not handle the powerful Intel Processors or integrated GPU as their 15-inch equivalents.

Understand The Processors

Also known as the CPU (or Chip), processors are the most important aspects for defining the overall performance of the device.

Below are the two major processor manufacturers:

Intel Processors

The Core i3 to Core i9 CPUs are prominent from Intel. The Core i3 processor is the weakest, while the Core i9 processor is the strongest.

When it concerns productivity and multimedia workloads, many users believe that an Intel Core Processor provides the finest performance. Laptops with Core i3 processors are often found in entry-level machines, whereas Core i5 processors are featured in the bulk of “modern” laptops.

The average users often opt for i3 and i5 but for those looking for a beast, the core i7 or i9 will be worth considering, but the price tags are also going to rise with a rise in the core digit.

AMD Processors

Several suppliers are already selling computers and notebooks powered by AMD’s Ryzen CPUs. If you’re a fan of the games, this might be an extremely appealing choice to explore. Ryzen CPUs are typically combined with AMD’s own Vega GPUs, which are presently clearly superior to Intel’s integrated graphics for games.

There are several limitations here, but because laptops fueled by AMD’s CPUs are often somewhat less expensive than their Intel equivalents, they can offer a higher return on investment.

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How Much RAM Is Suitable For You?

The more, the better! RAM is something the computer uses to store data while the CPU processes it. Consider RAM to be your office desk.

The table should be able to accommodate everything you’re dealing with. Things tumble off your desk if it is too small and will affect your work. Similarly, if your RAM runs out, you won’t be able to work efficiently. Your laptop will inevitably crash and will need to be rebooted.

The day-to-day users will be OK with 8gGB of RAM, but increasing to 16 GB will make your laptop much more competent, and if you are a gamer you definitely need that 16GB. Go for 32GB if you’re a professional user (and it is affordable too).

One thing to look at before purchasing is if the RAM is connected to the motherboard because then you won’t be able to upgrade it.

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How Much (And What Type) Of Storage Do You Need?

Gone are the days when hard drive storages were a thing. Now, they are not very favorable, especially for slim and lightweight laptops. This is due to the fact that they may be sluggish, massive, and generate a lot of heat and noise.

In contrast, a solid-state drive (SSD) is much faster, operates quietly, and can be put in such a way that does not significantly increase the bulk of a laptop. As a result, most companies have adopted SSD storage as the norm for laptops.

The only issue is that SSDs do not provide as much space. Furthermore, SSD storage is sometimes more costly in terms of dollars per gigabyte than hard disks. You can be left with a drive that’s 128Gigabytes, 256Gigabytes, or 512Gigabytes in capacity, and it’ll cost a lot more than a 1Terabytes or 2Terabytes hard disc.

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Battery Life

If you are going to work from your home then you definitely have chosen a spot for your bed that is right next to a switchboard. If not, you have an extension so battery life shouldn’t be a big deal for you.

But for those who travel a lot and don’t have 24/7 access to electricity, good battery life is a necessity.

It’s important to check the battery’s performance in Watt-hours (Wh) or milliamp-hours (mAh). The higher these values, the better the battery life. In addition, many computers will display the battery life in hours, which is considerably easier to grasp.

Another important feature to check for is flash charging. Many latest laptops enable quick charging, which is always useful in a hurry.


Above are some basic features you need to check to get the most out of your laptop. However, there are many things that most of you will prefer to have. These include the preferred ports and slots, biometric verification, touchscreen, webcams, convertibility, and much more.

You need to look out for these based on your own wishes and fondness as they aren’t going to affect the basic use and performance, and this is the reason I have named them EXTRAS.

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What you call a good laptop depends on what you expect from it. Everything you’ll see will have some flaws but you need to decide what flaws are you going to settle for and what you will never tolerate.

So judging a laptop isn’t very different than judging a person. But as my opinion on this is pretty straightforward, that being said, after having a thorough knowledge you can make an informed decision on what to choose.


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