Laptops are undoubtedly incredible. They blend the portability of a tablet with the functionality and power of a desktop computer. Furthermore, as technology advances, laptops grow smarter and more tempting. But did you ever evaluate to know how much a good laptop costs? If no? Let me explain the whole story!

Finding the best budget laptop is not difficult but the performance could deviate if you are not aware of the quality. You can find a laptop for under $200 to up to $2000 or even more. Some sell the specs while others sell the brand, but how much does a good laptop cost? We are about to offer a brief discussion on this.

You’ll buy one and next year you will see another, and your heart will tell you to replace the old one because it’s better than the one you own. This is one of the situations where you choose the brain over the heart.

Most clients spend somewhere in the range of $600 and $700 for a PC. Is it, however, sufficient to provide you with the actual rewards you demand to complete your work?

There’s no denying that a laptop is a (very) helpful tool, but to choose amongst the countless alternatives available may be challenging.

The amount you ought to spend on a PC relies upon a number of factors and this choice would differ from person to person.

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How Much A Good Laptop Costs?

There are different categories of laptops’ price ranges, let’s have a look at them.

Laptop on a Budget

If you don’t want to break into a bank and start a heist just so you can afford a laptop, this category is for you. I am not saying that they will be equal to a high-end PC in their standards and class, but they will be a good value for money.

A Chromebook, for example, is a good laptop for an average user.

But if you want a powerful machine to bear your workload, you need to learn to spend more because spending less means getting less.

Spending $400-$500 will get you a decent laptop that will perform all of your regular tasks effortlessly. But obviously, these are not for you if you are an editor, gamer, or heavy user.

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High-End Laptops

If you are looking for a high-end laptop to perform your everyday jobs and provide the best performance along with an incredible display quality and stunning design (basically, all-in-one), then you need to allow yourself to spend more.

As they say: a light purse is a heavy curse, you don’t want to get stuck with a laptop that will give you headaches.

Computers in this zone are incredible beasts, capable of handling almost any work you toss at them. You can get them at around $800 to $1000.

So how much should you spend on a laptop?

Spending too much on a Laptop

There are some super-rich people in the world who don’t know where to spend the money they are earning since their needs are fulfilled already, they start buying expensive stuff for no reason at all.

You will see them driving a Lambo, holding the latest iphone even when it is the same as the previous one, and wearing a smart-watch when they don’t even use it.

Why would you buy a $3000 laptop if all you’re going to do is binge-watch The Big Bang Theory? This is what I call ‘spending too much on a laptop’.

The features an expensive laptop offer is mostly useless for an average user. No one wants a 2TB storage if they are going to use only around 200GB, right?

I would advise you to avoid this unless you have money that even your bank is tired of keeping, or you have a habit of flexing cool gadgets in front of your friends.

Not spending enough on a laptop

If you are spending $200 and expecting your laptop to function properly without any lag then I am very sorry to burst your bubble, my friend, but the truth is ugly. As I have said before, you get what you have paid for.

By paying less, you are actually refusing to buy a whole lot of excellent qualities a laptop can offer. Imagine writing an entire email but your laptop hangs when you reach the end and now you have to rewrite it again, it sucks right? This exactly is my point.

Apparently, you will save a lot but in the long run, the laptop will need a lot of repairs and maybe a replacement soon so all the savings will be gone with the wind.

This is exactly like avoiding supplements because they are expensive but later spending more on hospital checkups and medications when you get sick.

If you cannot afford anything good then maybe it is fine but otherwise, don’t be a miser and buy yourself something decent because you don’t want a sluggish computer to frustrate you.

The Difference Between Cheap and Quality Laptops

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Spend In Your Limits

The best laptop value is found in the $800 to $1,000 price bracket. This amount of money will not get you everything, but it will get you a computer that is outstanding in important aspects.

If you want a gaming laptop, you will have to invest extra money. In this instance, we recommend setting aside at least $1,500.

But don’t get what you can’t afford. For some, the difference between a good laptop and the best laptop is just a couple of hundred dollars but for others, it’s a week’s food for the family. You must keep an eye on your wallet before you select a computer.

Now sit down and write the specs you want in a laptop, the reason you need a laptop, and the amount you can spend on one. Consider how much time you devote to your laptop annually, monthly, and daily. According to that, decide for yourself.


A laptop is a device that can offer you remarkable value for a long period of time but we don’t suggest breaking the bank in your hunt for an excellent laptop.

However, spending a few hundred dollars more (if you can) for the qualities you require will repay you every time you use it.

Only you know what is best for you, we can only guide you, so choose according to your own financial situation and needs.


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