There are a few options to choose between when it comes to buying a processor. Someone with no or little knowledge of computers might get confused and look for answers to understand which one is more user-friendly. ‘Is Ryzen 3 better than i5?’ is one of the questions we get to hear when people talk about processors.

Is Ryzen 3 Better Than i5

Before I start comparing both these processors, allow me to take a moment to describe what a processor is to make you understand what it does and why is it important to choose it carefully.

What Is A Processor?

A processor (or CPU) is the primary and most important integrated circuit (IC) chip in a computer. It is in charge of understanding the majority of the computer’s instructions, getting input, and providing output. As most of us have learned in school, the CPU is the brain of the computer.

Our brains receive signal for every stimulus in our surroundings, interprets it, and makes us respond according to the situation and all this happens in less than a second, this is exactly what a processor does for a computer. In simpler words, a good processor means better function, efficiency, superior speed, and performance of a PC.

To understand which one is better when first we need to understand the difference between both.

What Is The Difference between Ryzen 3 and Inter i5

The Intel i5 CPU series was introduced in 2009 as a mid-range set of processors. The inter i5 64-bit x86 processors are made for both desktops and laptops to provide excellent performance, high speed, and the ability to multitask.

As a result, the portfolio is appropriate for gaming enthusiasts and professionals such as business tycoons or freelancers, basically heavy users.

Although these are classified as mid-range processors, the inter i5 also has built some first-class models that are much more expensive than others, rising to $250 or maybe $300.

If we talk about the Ryzen 3, they are 64-bit quad-core processors made in 2017 and were also put in the category of mid-range processors. The prices are comparatively lower than i5 since they were tossed in the market as competitors to the i3 family.

This CPU can be useful for average PC users who won’t burden it with heavy games and other apps. Those who are going to do basic editing, play casual games, or perform day-to-day tasks can opt for it.

Let’s discuss and compare some basic features.

Features In A Processor

1. Cores

You must have seen the words like dual-core, quad-core, etc. popping up in the specs of a PC or specifically a CPU. They define the number of cores that the processor has. So what exactly is a core?

In simplified terms, a core is a little CPU or processor that is incorporated within a larger CPU. It is capable of doing or processing all computing activities on its own. From this viewpoint, a core might be thought of as a smaller CPU or a smaller processor within a larger processor. The cores define a processor’s capacity to manage workload.

Because of its six cores, the Core i5 is the clear victor here, whereas the Ryzen 3 only has four. Keep in mind that the pricing ranges for both are nearly the same, and the Core i5 will provide significantly greater performance.

2. Threads

Threads are virtual elements or programs that divide a CPU’s physical core into virtual multiple cores. A single CPU core can support up to two threads. A CPU with many threads or cores can process more instructions at the same time.
Cores can increase the number of functions that the processor can accomplish, while threads can organize them so that the CPU functions smoothly.

Every Ryzen 3 CPU has eight threads, the same as Intel 5 CPUs. This implies that both Processor ranges can provide excellent efficiency due to multiple threads, which is highly useful for running the latest-generation games, image processing, and creating content.

3. Cache

A CPU cache is a component that stores short-term memory. Cache memory is significant because it enhances the data retrieval rate. It saves program instructions and data that are utilized regularly in the operation of programs, as well as information that the CPU is anticipated to require in the future.

It implies that a larger number means improved multitasking and management. Both Intel i5 CPUs and AMD Ryzen 3 CPUs have equal cache capacities across L1, L2, and L3 and therefore both of these families can handle their tasks efficiently, will be able to store a reasonable quantity of data, allowing for speedier overall CPU operation and higher multi-tasking skills.

Is It Better To Have Ryzen 3 Rather Than Intel Core i5?

The answer is apparently no. We have discussed that i5 is made for the folks who are going to overload their computers with multiple and heavy tasks so it is clear that it’s more powerful. Yet, it mostly depends on your personal preference and demands.

Maybe you are only going to binge-watch Netflix on your laptop or perform some basic activities, you don’t need the i5.

In the end, it all depends on what you want, and also your budget.

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Overall, both CPU types have distinct advantages. The Ryzen 3 series of CPU processors are good for budget players looking for a solid processor that won’t cost too much, whilst the Intel i5 CPU processors are ideal for those looking to stay in the mid-range but want a little more luxurious alternative.


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