Did you ever ask yourself why Your laptop is so slow? And how to Speed it Up!

It’s a familiar story and it usually goes like this.

It’s another typical work night. You have a super important deadline tomorrow. You’re burning the midnight oil to try and get the work done on time. 

But just as you’re about to click that save button, GUESS WHAT? Your laptop starts acting up, freezes, OR WORSE, and crashes. And where does your important UNSAVED work assignment goes?

Yes, that’s right. DOWN THE DRAIN.

Now tell me: Are you going to let this unfortunate incident just slide OR Will You Take a Much Needed Lesson From It To Make Sure It Never Happens Again?

Now before you go into full panic mode, LISTEN UP. There’s a solution.

All you have got to do is find out Why Your Laptop Is Freezing & take steps accordingly to Speed It Up.

Remember that feeling when you start working on a new laptop and everything runs so smoothly? There are no freezes or hangs. And then one day it all goes to hell and you feel just screaming out loud.

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Why My Laptop Is So Slow?

If the above sounds are even remotely relatable, then CONGRATULATIONS. We are here to rock your Computer world.


Keep reading ahead and see for yourself.

Now without beating around the bush any longer, let’s jump right in.

Your RAM Is Coming Up Short

This Part Is Easy.

If your laptop has low memory, it will most definitely slow down with time. So if you want to continue multi-tasking while running multiple applications in the background, upgrading your laptop to a higher RAM is highly recommended.

Now Let Me Stop You Right There. Before you can add more RAM to your laptop, you need to check how much RAM it currently has.

There’s a super-easy way for you to do that. Try right-clicking the taskbar and selecting Task Manager. Click on the Open Resource Monitor to check how many rams you use.

If you are a Mac user, head over to the Apple menu “About This Mac” and hit the Memory tab to check what type of memory your Mac is utilizing. See if there are any free memory slots available.

For Windows users, open the Task Manager and select the Performance tab. Then click on the Memory. You can check your laptop’s memory here and if there are any slots available.

Multi Running Programs

There are too many programs running simultaneously

THINK ABOUT IT: Don’t we find it hard to do multiple things at once and stress out? This majorly bogs down our productivity levels.

But don’t get me wrong. I get that Computers are not humans and can work more efficiently than us.

One thing’s for sure. Running multiple tasks simultaneously on your computers will slow them down.

Signs that your laptop is running multiple programs at once can be the following:

The software you are using becomes unresponsive, the mouse cursor doesn’t move, Windows takes ages to shut down, and sometimes, your whole system can crash.

Now What Can You Do About It?

The first thing to do is delete all apps that can start automatically. If you are using a new laptop, try uninstalling all the bloatware. Now use the Task Manager to see what applications are running in the background. Eliminate those programs which you have no use for.

Try to update your Laptop regularly

Whether you are a Mac or a Windows user, try to stay on top of all the new updates that Apple and Microsoft keep releasing.

Allow Me To Explain Why You Should Do So.

Simply put, Installing the latest updates comes with a lot of benefits such as improved speed and additional security measures.

For Windows, you don’t have to keep looking for new updates. The latest updates will be automatically downloaded to your laptop.

Now if you don’t want your laptop to start an update in the middle of your work, make sure to set the hours before. If you want to manually check for any latest updates, go to the Settings> Windows Update.

For Mac, head over to the System Preferences>App store to enable automatic updates. If you want to manually check the latest updates, click the Check Now button on the App Store panel.

Your Hard Drive Might Be Corrupted Or Fragmented

If you have been using your laptop for a couple of years now, the data might have fragmented into different areas on the hard drive which will slow down your laptop.

Here’s all you have to do. Try Defragmenting The Data.

The EASIEST WAY to defragment your hard drive is to search the word ”defrag” in the start menu. This will lead you to Disk Defragment and Optimize.

Select the Defragment and Optimize Drives. Locate your hard drive which will be the OS(C) with the Windows logo. Hit Optimize to begin the defragment process. When the process is completed, you will see 0% fragmented written there.

A Virus or Malware Might Be Slowing Down Your Laptop

It’s Pretty Obvious Once You Think About It.

If your laptop is acting up a lot, everything freezes up and you are unable to shut down your laptop, the odds are that your laptop might contain a virus or any other malicious software. Not only can it slow down your laptop but it can cause some serious damage as well.

The easiest thing to do is to check your laptop for any virus by running an antivirus scan.

If you are a WINDOWS USER, it will have a built-in Windows Defender to protect your laptop from being infected with malicious software.

However, it may not be the best. Consider installing another antivirus software like Antivirus Plus or Malwarebytes.

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Ending Thoughts

Let’s Recap.

Your laptop might be slowing down due to several different reasons. We have listed a few of the most common ones above that other users have experienced.

Did you know that apart from making getting work done difficult, a slow laptop can affect your mental health?

 According to Huffington post, a survey states that a sow computer can leave people feeling drained and stressed. SHOCKING, RIGHT?

 This Doesn’t Have To Be You.


Understand the reasons that are causing your laptop to slow down &  start working on overcoming them. It’s that simple.

I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments section below. Best get started with it.


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