If you want to buy a laptop and are surfing the web for the best laptops, you probably witness Lenovo vs HP on top almost everywhere. The argument now is: which brand is better? Lenovo or HP? Here I am going to compare both and end this debate.

First, let’s go through both companies and see their histories.

Lenovo Vs HP

What Is HP?

Hewlett-Packard aka HP is an American enterprise situated in Palo Alto, California. HP was established in 1939 and is viewed as one of the pioneers of PC. Beginning around 1966, HP has been creating best-in-class PCs. By the early 1980s, HP was ready to provide a diverse variety of personal computers. Despite the fact that today’s laptops are very different from those of the 1980s and 1990s, HP had been an important component in defining the present computer marketplace.

What Is Lenovo?

Lenovo Group Limited, aka Lenovo, is a Chinese-American global organization gaining practical experience in planning, assembling, and showcasing hardware, PCs, programming, business arrangements, and related facilities.

It was established in Hong Kong in 2004 and is somewhat new when compared with HP. It has 57,000 representatives across 60 nations and is one of the largest and most important organizations. In 2005, it purchased IBM’s Personal Computer Division and gained further popularity, and is named among the top brands today.

HP vs Lenovo – Which Brand Is The Best?

It’s tough to make a comparison of whole brands because every product is graded based on its unique specs. Both HP and Lenovo are solid picks for people seeking a capable laptop, and it all depends on your needs.

But still, let’s proceed to compare different general features to decide which one deserves the crown.
The main thing that matters is what are you going to do with the laptop. Are you a gamer, a businessman, a student, or an editor?

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1. Gaming purposes


Lenovo has gaming laptops under $800! You read that right. However, it is a reality that you receive only what you’ve paid for.

If you’re a gaming enthusiast and looking for a laptop that will be able to run your heavy games like FIFA, The Witcher, GTA, etc. as well as bear your frustration and aggressiveness when you lose a game, then this is not for you Bro.

However, if you only play light games such as Fortnite, then it will run them easily. Yet, if budget is your concern then Lenovo is the one for you. I’m referring to the one-of-a-kind Lenovo Ideapad L340.

If your financial plan allows you to get a high-end gaming laptop, check out Lenovo Legion Y7000, it is among the strongest gaming computers in Lenovo and will let you play your favorite games at full settings and amazing graphics to provide you best gaming experiences.


HP gaming laptops will make you transfer a huge amount to the seller but it will be worth it. The jaw-dropping features of HP Omen make it perfect not only for gaming but also for editing, binge-watching movies and TV shows, programming, and just about everything. From having a high-end processor to huge storage, it is perfect in every sense.

The 4k Ultra HD IPS Display will make every experience 100x better by showing lively images whether it’s gaming or watching your favorite movie. In addition to that, it has Anti-glare so you can use your computer for hours!


The trophy will go to HP here unless you need a gaming laptop on a budget.

2. Business Purposes/Students


Due to a variety of convertible laptops such as Lenovo Flex, Lenovo seems to be the champ for business persons.

The portability, the design, the feel, everything is intended for the convenience of the working persons who’ll carry it to meetings, work in the office, and also take the office to the home. The Yoga 2022 is also a good option for those looking for something even better.


Laptops like the HP Zbook are business ‘partners’ and compete with Lenovo’s Yoga laptops and even outclasses it when it comes to displaying excellence. But due to the lack of convertibility, it is limited to only those with a desk job.


Lenovo here deserves the trophy in my opinion.

3. Average Users

If you’re an average user who doesn’t do anything more than watch movies and check emails, you should go with Lenovo since it gives decent features at a lesser price than HP.

Now we should talk a little about some major specs and other features.


For some, like me, the design of Lenovo laptops is the best but there are people out there who think it is too simple. We’ll take the opinion of the majority into consideration and announce that Lenovo cannot compete with HP when it comes to design. So, if you’re looking for something that is attractive to the eyes as well as performs like a beast, HP is the one for you.


HP takes away the winner’s trophy.


HP is booming in the field if we talk about the display. With the latest Laptops having 4k IPS displays, it gives the best on-screen experience to its users and never disappoints its customers.


500 points to Gryffindor! Oh! Sorry…. I mean, HP!


The performance depends on the individual laptops. The processor and RAM play major roles in deciding the good or bad performance of a computer. You need to check the specs for every laptop you come across and decide for yourself. However, a general review is that Lenovo brings more power to a laptop than HP does.


Lenovo has got the trophy this time.


There is no denying that Lenovo devices outshine HP in terms of versatility. The Yoga and Flex lines provide gorgeously designed and high-performance hybrid computers. They were also not too expensive.


Once again, Lenovo!


All the latest notebooks are quite reliable; you will be terribly unlucky to get a laptop that is not worth anything in 2022. If tragedy hits, both Lenovo and HP can immediately replace your purchased laptop.

However, if you’re concerned about your laptop becoming useless in a year or two, choose a model with at least an i5 CPU and more than 8GB of Memory.


It’s a tie.


In general, Lenovo laptops are somewhat low-cost but the difference is too small it cannot be considered. HP also offers laptops on a budget especially when it comes to the Chromebooks; they are the best value for cash. If you need a top-class business laptop, then go for Lenovo.


Again, a tie!

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It is very hard to decide which one is the overall winner since both are among the best laptop brands, but if you’re a gaming enthusiast and need a powerful gaming beast to run your heavy games along with excellent display quality, choose HP. If you need a laptop for your work where portability matters together with amazing specs and performance, choose Lenovo.


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