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Scholarship Designed For Finding Laptops And Upgrades Experts

welapi main logo“Welapi is a blog mainly researching on laptops and related issues around the internet and find solutions to help people in enhancing their problem to show them DIY techniques and methods. Laptops are portable computers so in this regard Welapi also addresses all sorts of computers especially gaming ones due to the video games increasing craze among the communities around the world.

We have decided to announce scholarships for college and university students and offer two yearly charming students $3500 (The first winner of the scholarship) and $1500 to the runner-up student of the academic year.

Through the process, we will find the finest students who have knowledge and experience in finding laptops that are long-lasting with stand-out specs and brand-specific and also have the features to upgrade. You don’t need to actually find the laptop for students but rather give us a detailed study of how one could decide to pick a laptop that is offering the specs to meet the tasks of the following fields.

1- Medical Students could use it for medical studies. (Required specs should be mentioned)
2- Arts Students should have it for their studies related to art and designing.
3- College students with specific needs about using it for preparing assignments and presentations.
4- The Laptops could be used for ArcGIS software, Programming Students could benefit from it, Computer Science Students could develop their projects, and research students could use it.

Apart from that students with gaming passions could also play video games for their entertainment and NetFlexing could be the course of choice in these brands and models suggested by students.

Whereas, you can decide the budget on your own and let us know the criteria for finding these suggested laptops. Make sure that you actually know what you’re writing, else, the participant will be disqualified from the scholarship program.

NOTE: Welapi will issue scholarships to the students for the coming three consecutive academic years after the publication of this announcement.

The topic selection is open and you can specify it with the type of work the laptop you are suggesting for students of different fields.

Application Criteria for Welapi Scholarship Program

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind before applying for the program:

1. You must be a College or University student to apply for this scholarship.
2. Participants must be 16 years of age and applications from participants below 16 years of age are not allowed.
3. Submission is expected from the participants in the shape of a document to the Welapi team for further process.
4. We are expecting a 700 to 900 words document that gives an in-depth study of the chosen title regarding finding a laptop.
5. Make sure, the copy that you’re sending us is plagiarism-free. (2% plagiarism accepted)
6. Your complete profile would be required with the submission including your contacts and nationality, addresses, etc.

Requirements for Application

Here’s what is required from us when you create the document:

1. You need to create a titled document that clearly covers your research.
2. You need to decide and mention the hardware components (specification of the suggested laptop) in the document.
3. Write down detailed information about the hardware components in 700 words minimum.

Send your created document to welapi9@gmail.com

Terms & Conditions

1. Participants are not allowed to apply more than 2 times or he/she will be disqualified.
2. Participants must submit the document before 31st December of every year till 2025 including 2022.
3. A winner will be announced on 15th January 2023 for this year and respectively for the coming years.

Tips To Win The Scholarship

1. Go to different authentic sites online, get ideas from there and write a perfect guide.
2. Don’t Copy and paste, focus on creating your own content.
3. If possible, do something different compared to other blogs as we’ll strongly appreciate those documents.
4. Your words must be simple and easy to understand.

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I wish you Good Luck to get this opportunity!