If you are wondering to know the world of warcraft system requirements, this post could be a leader in helping you to set up your system for smooth gameplay with all the required information you need to know.

Before going to start the show to hit the road this could be the most prompting and first question in your mind, “are you able to run it on your laptop or PC?” Keep on reading I explained every detail in-depth to get you the knowledge and make up your mind.

World Of Warcraft System Requirements

Let me first answer the poping question and then we will discuss other things important to know. I am sharing the minimum required system and recommended system requirements here.

World of Warcraft Minimum Requirements

These are the most nominal and minimum WoW system requirements.

CPU – Intel Core i5-760 or AMD FX-8100 or better
Memory – 4 GB RAM (I would recommend 8GB of RAM memory to experience integrated graphics in case you installed the Intel HD Graphics series)
Storage – 70GB available space 7200 RPM HDD
GPU – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 2GB or if you are choosing AMD to lower your budget so go for Radeon HD 7850 2GB and in the installation of Intel HD Graphics 530 (45W TDP) you can get smooth gameplay speed.
Input – In input devices to control the game on a PC you would require a mouse and keyboard.
Internet – Stable and strong broadband internet connection is required.
Resolution – Consider you should have 1024 x 768 minimum display resolution
Operating System – Windows 7 can run it but remember the 64-bit only.

World of Warcraft Recommended Requirements

These are the most recommended WoW requirements for Warcraft gaming.

CPU – Intel Core i7-4770 or AMD FX-8310 or better
Memory – 8 GB and beyond this RAM capacity to get quality.
Storage – 70GB available space SSD
GPU – If you go for NVIDIA GeForce try to get min GTX 960 4GB or if you are interested in AMD the Radeon R9 280 or advanced one is better
Internet – Stable and strong broadband connection of internet would be a great choice.
Input – Multi-button mouse with scroll wheel
Resolution – 1024 x 768pps are the minimum requirements of display resolution
Operating System – Windows 10 with 64-bit is enough to get you the quality.

Will I be able to run World of Warcraft?

To experience the world of Azeroth for entertainment purposes on your gaming PC for $1000 could be a question in your mind. Why? Because high-end gaming PCs or laptops with high-end configurations could definitely give you the experience without asking anyone.

However when it comes to a cheap gaming pc that is not up to the mark. You should definitely ask yourself. Don’t get panic in such a situation, and let me explain it to you.

The first thing is the answer, and that is “yes” you can play it but the settings may differ. But you should have a bit of technical know-how about what you should configure to run world of warcraft. WeLapi also compiled a list of the best laptops for World of Warcraft to avoid confusion and enhance your convenience.

The only and only important factor that you need to see technically is the stable FPS delivery. Now it is your settings how good you have the experience that is up to your setup of configurations. You can also get an idea of technical requirements from the listed information above in this article.

World of Warcraft Game Details

After its first release in 2004, the game World of Warcraft made a tremendous history through the time and has grown a lot. People among the gaming communities love this game a lot and also the brands of electronic devices are creating specific products that house to assemble the components required for the smooth running of this game.

No doubt the game has an amazing experience of nostalgic touch when through Warcraft class you can go back in time to see the old days again.

With easily customized character features you can have the glory of shaping your character as a player inside the game to push your fun to the edge level with many hours of gaming ahead. Like the human race in casts and standards World of Warcraft is shaping your character in the class section with the help of customized features. The impact and influence of character are seen in real life, but you can experience it in this Blizzard.

Furthermore, you would find typical roles like monks, mages, paladins, hunters, rogues, and warriors. In WoW these characters are known as DPS, Tank, and Healer in WoW. Explore through the game whatever your mind wants for adventure.

As per my experience to build your character and increase your strength you will spend more time in lore and questing during the gameplay. Encounters like dungeons are also onboard to get you allied groups of other players. This simply leads to success in conquering the missions.

Additional Suggestions

In addition to all other things including minimum requirements and stable FPS delivery, I would strongly endorse recommended specifications should be on the system to play WoW. Why?

This would bring you the incredible game experience to make it worthy of playing. And if you could manage to spend on higher specs than the recommended ones.

That could be an extra edge to give you a hilarious winning experience of the real game. Remember the biggest impact on the gameplay comes from the stable FPS only.

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Final Thoughts

Being advanced in technology and computer devices this game is not hard to play on any computers or laptops. But running it on a specifically made PC could change your thinking forever. As specified advantages bring unseen privileges. To get the benefit of all the privileges you would have from your PC, you should choose wisely with equipped knowledge of the components.


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