Do you wonder to discover the Xbox Game Pass PC requirements to find Xbox games developed for PC gamers? And do you always want to play something new? If yes, your search is over. You landed on the right page to find an instant solution. This guide would push you to play 100+ high graphics games on Windows 10 PC. You would be able to explore the most exclusive and deep library of PC-First games and play them from the day of launch.

Can I Run Game Pass?

You need to check your PC system requirements with Xbox Game Pass to know if you can run it or not. The latest version of Windows is the primary requirement for playing Xbox studios games on your PC. If your PC offers NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 GPU with a combination of Intel Core i5 8th generation or the latest processing chip, 8 GB RAM (minimum), and 150GB storage capacity, consider it done. You are lucky, the good news is your PC is meeting the minimum requirements to run Xbox Game Pass. Remember to get a better experience of the high-quality PC games from the Xbox games library you would require a recommended system.

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What Is Game Pass?

Yes, it is obvious to understand what game pass is, if you are unaware of the term. Well, it is the subscription service offered by Microsoft. By Subscribing to the service you would have the liberty to play hundreds of high-quality PC games. Not only that, EA games could be accessed and played with the help of this service.

Xbox Game Pass PC

Xbox Game Pass PC

Did you ever imagine you can play a newly launched Xbox game title from the very first day of launch? If you didn’t, here is the deal. You can play! yes, you can! Get the Xbox Game Pass download and enjoy playing hundreds of newly launched Xbox studios games. The most wonderful thing about this pass is you will start from $1 for the first month (The lowest Xbox Game Pass price next to the free offer for login). You can earn rewards inside the game to play more games and also the subscription offers a 12 months pass, but you need to pay more for enjoying a whole year of gaming.

Xbox Game Pass PC Requirements

Here I am going to share the minimum and recommended system requirements you would need to have on your PC and laptop have a smooth run of the game pass. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Xbox Game Pass PC requirements (Minimum)

Operating System: Latest version of Windows 10.
CPU: Intel Core i5 quad-core Processor or higher processor would require on an Intel-based PC and laptop while on an AMD-based PC and laptop you will need Ryzen 5 quad-core or higher processor to play smoothly on low settings.
Graphics Card Unit: GeForce GTX 1050 from NVIDIA and Radeon RX 560 from AMD.
RAM: You will need to have 8GB of RAM and 3GB VRAM on your system.
Storage: Empty space on hard drive 150GB will be required.
DirectX: DirectX 12 API (compatible) is required to have a smooth ride.
Display: You will need a 1080p display monitor.

Xbox Game Pass recommended requirements

Along with the latest version of Windows 10 you will require the following recommended system requirements for a high-end gaming experience on Xbox Game Pass PC and laptop run.

CPU: Intel Core i7-8700K.
RAM: 16 GB of internal memory.
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070.
Storage Capacity: 300 GB file size storage is recommended.

Xbox Game Pass Minimum Requirements Android

The latest android version can play the game smoothly on your mobile device. Your Android phone is coming with the preloaded app store. No pain at all to get the app on your phone. Visit the app store now to install the app. Xbox Game Pass mobile requirements are not stiff compared to PC or laptop. It is coming with the identical features you get for PC or console gaming. So the game is on and plays out without fear your device won’t have the capacity to run it.

Recommended Video On Xbox Game Pass PC

Video Credits: [Ritchie SH]

How Often New Games Are Added To The Library?

That is not the part you should worry about. Why? Because it is a platform where every new day is coming with a new game launch. You should check often the catalog for new games and enjoy free games.

Xbox cloud gaming is there as well to play free games like Fortnite season 3, Sea Of Thieves season 7, Turbo Golf Racing, and the list goes on. However, the mobile app version is in Beta mode currently, which means it’s still in the developing stage.

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It’s A Wrap

The video game of any title is a matter of taste. You can play any game when your system is matching the level of specs you require for a smooth run. Xbox games are no doubt wonderful enjoyment and a lot of excitement. If you cannot afford console gaming your PC, laptop, and Mobile device can run it for you when you know the required system is right on your desk.


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